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How To Store, Use And Manage Anti-static Clothing

Jul 17, 2018

How to store, use and manage anti-static clothing

Anti-static overalls are not once and for all. Under normal circumstances, the storage time of anti-static overalls is 12 months. When it expires, it is necessary to test whether the relevant data meets the GB12014-2009 standard. The conductive function of the anti-static clothing may be reduced after improper use or after repeated washing, and it is not able to fully satisfy our anti-static effect.

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The use of anti-static clothing is in demand, can not be worn casually, can not arbitrarily open the zipper, roll up the sleeves, do not wear any metal objects, if these details are not done, it is easy to bring static electricity to the product, damage the product , the formation of failure.

The most important part of the use of anti-static overalls is purification and cleaning. If the washing method of ordinary clothes can not only clean and maintain the anti-static clothing, it will also damage the clothing fiber. In addition, there will be dust attached during packaging and handling. And the danger of microorganisms, so when cleaning anti-static clothing, be sure to choose a professional purification cleaning company for cleaning.

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