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How To Use Anti-static Clothing To Exert Excellent Anti-static Effect

Jun 13, 2018

How to use anti-static clothing to exert excellent anti-static effect?

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How to use anti-static clothing to exert excellent anti-static effect?

Most of the dust generated in the clean room comes from workers who work there, and the fine particles such as dust, dander, or hair on the body disperse into the clean room. The staff should standardize the use of dustless jumpsuits to work in a clean room to prevent the body from being exposed to the air and causing secondary pollution to the clean room. In order to meet the full set of anti-static, dust-free, dust-free, it should also be used in conjunction with the rest of the anti-static, dust-free facilities, such as: anti-static, dust-free sleeve boots, dust-free gloves, masks and so on.

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At present, many employees leave their clean rooms after wearing anti-static and dust-free clothes. This is a mistake and it is not feasible. Workers wearing clean clothes are not allowed to move outside the clean room or non-dustless workshop area, because entering a clean room here will have a serious impact on their environment. At the same time, employees should replace dust-free clothes in designated places according to company requirements, and put the replaced clean clothes or personal clothes in designated areas and wardrobes.