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Ion Air Blower

Jun 06, 2018

SL-1104 ion air blower plays a crucial role in eliminating static electricity in LCD production

If a conventional ion fan is used, the ion fan cannot be cleaned in time after being used for a period of time, causing secondary pollution every time it is turned on.


Do not underestimate the ion fan, in the mobile display, computer display, liquid crystal display and other display industry processing process, it plays an important role in dust removal and elimination of static electricity, so that product quality has been guaranteed and improved.

In the process of the front process of the display, during the processes of acid etching, cleaning, drying, rubbing, dusting, crystal filling, laminating, cutting, etc., each process must be dust-removed and static-free, due to defects in the electrostatic adsorption product. Scrapped, so when using an ion fan, you must use an ion fan that can open the front and rear windows to clean it. This way, cleaning once a week can avoid the secondary pollution caused by the ionized corrosion of the tip of the ion fan.

After being used for a period of time, ion fans cannot be cleaned in time, causing secondary pollution every time they are switched on.