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Ionizer Air Blower

May 24, 2018

What's the application for Ionizer air blower?

The main principle of the ion fan to eliminate static electricity is to guide away the charge, and there are many ways to introduce the charge. One of the methods that can not be guided by the wire is to use the ion neutralization method to solve the electrostatic discharge. The ion fan is a suitable choice. .
Electronic industry: IC, LCD electrostatic countermeasures and prevent dust adhesion
Precision Machinery Industry: Prevents dust absorption and production obstruction of cameras, watches, etc.
Plastics Industry: Preventing dust adhesion and electric shock during molding
Printing and Paper Processing Industry: Preventing Paper Misalignment, Adhesion and Paper Powder Adhesion, etc.
Textile Industry: Preventing Tangled Lines and Winding on Rolls
Food industry: Prevent foreign matter such as hair from mixing into food and packaging boxes.

Ion blowers, also called ion static eliminators, belong to the category of static eliminators. The principle behind the ion fan's elimination of static electricity is to neutralize static electricity by generating air ions that act on static electricity. Then, the ion blower is used to generate ionized air. The ion blower ionizes the air. The process of generating air ions is accomplished through three ways: The first is air corona ionization under the condition of strong electric field. Generate positive and negative ions; the second is to make air molecules become air ions under the action of A-rays and β-rays; third, high-energy ray (X-ray) acts on air-substance-based ionization