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Ionizing Air Fans

Aug 09, 2018

The role and risk of ion fans

The role and risk of the ion fan, the principle of the static elimination of the ion static eliminator: the generation of air ions, acting on the static power supply and static electricity. Ways to enable air ionization: A, air corona ionization under strong electric field conditions, generating positive and negative ions; B, A and β rays act as air ions; C, high energy rays (X-ray) acting air Let the base ionize; the characteristics of air ions, air ions are different from solution ions, it requires a certain amount of energy to be generated, and usually exists in the form of molecular groups; air ions are also present in the natural environment, but the concentration is very low; The life of air ions in the air is between a few seconds and a few minutes; positive and negative ions will neutralize each other; several problems to be considered in the use of ion static eliminators, the working distance is considered in two aspects: A, The closer the distance is, the faster the static electricity is removed; B. The different types of ion static eliminators have different effective distances.

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The ionic static eliminator discharge needle of the strong electric field ionization method is the most susceptible to aging and damage, and regular cleaning and maintenance can ensure the equipment is effective.


Eliminate the static speed: consider the index - dissipation speed, generally use CPM to measure its dissipation speed of 1000V-100V;, ion balance: ion imbalance will make the objects in the action area bring the surface turtle, so it must be controlled. Ion imbalance occurs only in corona ionization ionization equipment; other considerations: different types of ionization equipment are suitable for different types of ion fans, AC ion fans:


Simple design, low cost; stable, sinusoidal ionization efficiency is low, not suitable for occasions requiring fast neutralization; different positive page ionization energy makes ionization balance work difficult; positive and negative ion alternate generation period is 1/100 or The natural neutralization of 1/120 second (50 or 60 Hz) ions will further reduce the efficiency and require high wind compensation. Because of the low efficiency, more voltage is needed to generate enough ions, which will cause many particles, which is not conducive to strict Use in dusty environments.


DC ion fan, continuous high voltage use with high ionization efficiency, can handle fast neutralization needs; can use lower voltage, suitable for clean workshop; can use automatic measurement and feedback to control ionization balance; need complex control The circuit ensures a balanced amount of positive and negative ions.


Pulsed DC ion fans, pulsed ion populations reduce natural neutralization. Allow the ionizer to be far away from the protected object (can pass 5 meters); most commonly used in dust-free workshops where low air flow may be required; pulse time can be adjusted to suit the airflow or distance requirements of the environment; Triggering a "voltage swing" voltage change may be detrimental to some devices.


High-frequency AC ion fan, high frequency AC mode above 3000HZ can greatly improve AC ionization efficiency; lower ionization voltage can be used; ion balance is good; discharge needle does not need to be grouped, and size can be made small It is suitable for use in clean workshops, with short working distance and wind compensation.