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It Is Not Difficult To Distinguish ESD Mats

May 08, 2018

ESD mats, also known as anti-static rubber, anti-static table mats, etc., are generally two-tier structure, the surface layer is a static dissipative layer, the bottom layer is a conductive layer. The color of the surface layer is green, gray, blue, etc. There are also light and matt surfaces, and the bottom layer is black.

There are many types of anti-static mats sold on the market, including PVC and all-rubber, and even many anti-static mats are made from recycled materials. Operators will say that the quality of the anti-static mats they sell is the best. Is that really good? Which kind of quality is better? Let's analyze it together.


Anti-static mats are mainly made of static conductive materials, static dissipative materials, and synthetic rubber, which are manufactured through a variety of processes. They last for a long time, have good anti-acid, anti-alkali, and anti-chemical solvents, and are wear-resistant. Easy to clean, so you can see that the main material of the anti-static mat is rubber, also called nitrile rubber. NBR is inherently a natural semiconductor with antistatic properties. Its molecular structure is composed of many carbon chains and can store a certain amount of static electricity. It can be introduced into the inner layer and dissipated in a short time. The biggest function of the anti-static table mat is to store a large amount of static electricity and discharge electricity in an instant. The general life is about 5 years.


Compared to the rubber anti-static table mat, the anti-static table mat made of PVC is cheap. The reason why it can prevent static electricity is because of the anti-static agent added in the production. This product is a chemical product, with 3-6 pieces. The moon will gradually fade away, which will also lead to worse electrostatic effects.


After the above comparison, everyone should know that the pad of the material is better. We can make distinctions based on several methods, such as resilience, smelling, seeing flames, seeing surface scratches, contrasting softness, etc. These surface analyses can help everyone to distinguish their quality to a great extent. Some professional knowledge allows you to buy a good quality anti-static mat is not difficult.