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M-3 Cleanroom Wiper With Super Competitive Prices

Jul 03, 2018

M-3 cleanroom wiper with super competitive prices!

M-3 cleanroom wiper, also known as dry-laid paper-making nonwoven fabric, is a non-woven fabric made of wood fiber.

Material: Non-woven wood pulp is made by mixing PE and plant fiber.

Water absorption: 282CC/M2, 59P/cubic feet

Applicability: It is suitable for the production and use of laboratory and LCD display products.

M-3 cleanroom wiper.png

The clean room is applicable to the number of stages: 1000-10000.

Two main features of M-3 clean paper:

First, the raw material is wood pulp fiber;

Second, the use of airlaid technology.

The difference between M-3 wiper, and general paper is that it does not dust when it is wiped.

Main use: The surface of the dust-free paper M-3 product has a hole-like structure, which is mostly used to wipe the surface of precision objects;

Generally, it can also be used as a universal wipe for each wet liquid.

M-3 cleanroom wiper, Scope: Suitable for controllers, integrated circuits, liquid crystal displays, printed circuit boards, resistors,

Capacitors, coils, optical electronics, ceramic crystals, light-emitting diodes, micro-batteries, magnetic tapes, assembly components, printheads, automobiles, etc.