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Meet Us At Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) In Apirl, 2019

Jan 14, 2019

Meet us at Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) in Apirl, 2019!


Our company will be at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition) from April 13th to 16th, 2019, booth number: 5C-D19, welcome customers from all over the world to negotiate business!


The Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), hosted by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council, is the largest spring electronics show in Asia. The Spring Electronics Fair will not be held concurrently with the International Information Technology Expo. The HKTDC Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair is the industry's premier electronic exhibition event and an excellent platform for exhibitors to connect to the global business. A wide range of electronic products, including: wearable electronics, 3D printing, connected home, unmanned technology, audio-visual products, brand electronics, environmental protection, i-World, packaging and design, navigation systems, innovative inventions, Telecommunications equipment and testing and certification services are available. This is a good platform for recommended products, and you can take advantage of the opportunity to share new features of Windows 10 with the industry, such as Cortana, Face On Log, Continuum and Wireless Display. Cloud and mobile solutions will be the future of technology trends. Everyone can see that the electronic exhibits here are all mobile devices, the development momentum is very strong, and the functions are more diversified. Now that the product cycle is getting shorter and shorter, every two to three months will be promoted to attract buyers' attention. Participating in this exhibition can more directly understand the development of China's Hong Kong and even the world's products and the specific needs of the market, help to improve the technical content of products, adjust and improve the structure of products, lay the foundation for the production of high-quality products, and also improve exports and guarantee The export is in the normal direction.

The electronics industry is a large-scale export-oriented foreign exchange industry in Hong Kong. The industry exports are mostly high-tech products, especially telecommunications equipment, semiconductors and computer-related products. Mainland China is the main source and destination of Hong Kong's electronic products trade. Parts account for about three-quarters of Hong Kong's exports of electronic products, and most of them are re-exported to mainland China for processing and production. Finished products account for about a quarter of Hong Kong's exports of electronic products, most of which are household consumer electronics, including a variety of audio-visual equipment, computer products and telecommunications equipment. Most Hong Kong producers have moved their production facilities to mainland China to cut costs. As for the Hong Kong office, they are mainly responsible for research and development, product design and development, management, logistics support and marketing. Although the work of the Hong Kong office is related to manufacturing activities in the Mainland, most of the statistics are classified as non-manufacturing organizations. Thanks to the continued demand for processing and production in the Mainland, Hong Kong's exports of electronic components to the Mainland remain stable. At the same time, Hong Kong's exports of electronic products to the United States have performed well and exports to the EU have continued to grow.

1. Electronic exhibition area: Spring electronic exhibition area: 3D printing; audio-visual products; baby electronic products; key components; digital imaging products; environmental protection and energy saving; electronic accessories; electronic components and technology; electronic game products; electronic manufacturing services; Like; e-health products; household appliances; I-world; automotive electronics and navigation systems; office automation and equipment; packaging machine design; personal electronics; security products; telecommunications products; testing and certification services; business services; wearable electronics ; wireless and communication.

2. International Information Zone (ICT): App zone; cloud and mobile application; computer peripherals; digital marketing and e-commerce; e-logistics and retail technology; enterprise solutions and IT outsourcing services; smart phones and tablets; , network and data center; business services; wireless technology.

3. Others: Organic World, OTC Forums for Non-Prescription Drugs, Associations, Organizations, Trade Media, Service Providers and Information Technology.