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Microfiber Dust-free Cloth

Feb 12, 2019

Microfiber dust-free cloth

Thanks to its ultra-fine and tough structure, it has the greatest effect on dust collection.

1. Multi-shaving effect: A thick single fiber can be turned into several hundred microfibers if it is ultra-fine, so that when used as a wiper cloth, the microfiber can have a lighter than a general wipe. More re-scraping effect.

2.Wide-contact effect: The general fiber is thicker and has higher bending rigidity, so the contact area between the floating point of the fabric and the object is small. On the contrary, the microfiber is rigid and soft and flexible (like silk), so the fabric floats. The contact area with the object is large, and the wiping power is strong.

3. Inner-trap effect: A wipe cloth made of ultra-fine fibers. After scraping off the dirt, the dirt will migrate outward along the capillary channel of the fiber, which has the effect of internal peeling. The surface of the wiped fabric does not remain, so it does not cause scratching of extremely precise products.