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Microfiber Wiper

Jul 11, 2018

Why can't you clean the microfiber wiper yourself?

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We know that the microfiber microfiber wiper has a small bending diameter and a soft hand feeling, so it does not damage the work object and has the advantages of low dust and low ion content. It can be widely used in, for example, fine Instruments, optical products, laboratories, cleanrooms and production lines.

Clean cloth manufacturers take everyone to find out:

Clean cloth is now being used by more and more companies, it can be recycled, and can be used many times as long as it is cleaned correctly. But don't think that the clean cloth can be cleaned by yourself, and don't think that the ordinary cloth can replace the microfiber wiper.

In fact, if we clean the clean cloth and clean the screen, can we ensure that the clean cloth is clean? Now the tap water in the home contains impurities. Cleaning the screen by using such a cleaning method is very harmful to the polarizer, but it is not visible for a while, so special clean water should be used because it is purified. 18M euro pure water.

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Even if someone thinks that cleaning the screen with a normal soft cloth is not a problem, this is a gradual process. Maybe you don't see any difference once or twice, but the number of times the screen is changed, there is no way to solve it. Can change the polarizer. This process is very complicated and needs to be carried out using special equipment of the factory. The peeling of the polarizer requires special glass equipment, and the manual peeling of the person is easy to damage the panel.