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Mode Of Damage Caused By ESD Discharge To Microelectronic Circuits

Oct 11, 2018

Mode of damage caused by ESD discharge to microelectronic circuits

The mode metal wiring of the ESD discharge causing damage to the microelectronic circuit generates a spark with the diffusion hole (or polycrystalline) contact hole, causing the ohmic contact of the metal and silicon to be broken.

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When the temperature of the node exceeds the melting point of the semiconductor silicon (1415 ° C), the silicon is melted to cause recrystallization, causing a short circuit of the device. The metallized electrodes and wiring are melted and spheroidized, causing an open circuit. A large current flows through the PN junction to generate Joule heat, which causes the junction temperature to rise, forming hot spots or hot runs, causing damage to the device. Instantaneous high current (static spark) caused by electrostatic discharge ignites a flammable, explosive gas mixture or electric fire. Work products, causing accidental burning and explosion accidents.

Electrostatic discharge causes the human body to be subjected to electric shocks, causing operational errors, causing secondary accidents, and the Coulomb force of the electrostatic field to hinder automated production lines such as textiles, printing, and plastic packaging. The third type of electrostatic hazard is caused by electromagnetic radiation caused by electrostatic discharge or electromagnetic interference caused by electrostatic discharge electromagnetic pulse (ESDEMP) on electronic equipment.

In general, electrostatic discharge is performed on the order of microseconds or sodium seconds, so this process is an adiabatic process in which a large current is passed through the loop to form a local high-temperature heat source. For microelectronic devices, the electrostatic discharge energy is released through the device, and the average power can reach several kilowatts. The heat is difficult to diffuse from the power dissipation surface, thus forming a large temperature gradient in the device, causing local thermal damage. Circuit performance deteriorates or fails.

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