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Our Factory Has A Large Number Of Esd Garment In Stocks For Sell

Jul 03, 2018

Our factory has a large number of esd garment in stocks for sell! The price is reasonable!

ESD fabric gloves.jpg

Anti-static garment, product-specific polyester filament and high-performance permanent conductive fiber are woven by special process. The anti-static hat made of this fabric through special sewing process has excellent long-lasting anti-static and dustproof performance, which can effectively Release the body's electrostatic charge. The density of clean silk fabrics is greater than that of ordinary silk fabrics: no hairiness, no ball, no fiber loss, no dust, no dust, good air tightness, and can effectively sterilize and inhibit bacteria. The other anti-static fabric has dual performance: permanent anti-static and dust-proof effect, can be used in 100-10000 class clean room, reaching international standards.

esd clothes.png

Application scope:

Semiconductor, chip, microprocessor, etc. production workshop circuit board production workshop precision instrument production workshop optical product production workshop PCB product production workshop plastic factory production workshop food factory production workshop medical laboratory and scientific research personnel laboratory large factory clean room, purification Workshops can have a significant effect on individuals with high electrostatic index.