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Portable Electrostatic Field Tester

Jul 19, 2018

Electrostatic tester is a non-contact portable electrostatic field tester

The electrostatic tester is a non-contact portable electrostatic field tester. The measurable range is +/-20KV (working distance is 1 inch, 25mm). It is equipped with 2 LED lights to ensure the electrostatic performance of 25mm fiber, yarn, fabric, carpet and decorative fabric from the measured object. To determine the electrostatic properties of other sheets, sheet materials such as paper, rubber, plastic, composite sheets and the like. The instrument host consists of a corona discharge device, a probe and a detection system. Using a given high-voltage electric field, the sample to be tested is periodically discharged, and the sample is induced to generate static electricity, thereby performing electrostatic energy, static voltage half-life, and electrostatic residual amount detection to determine the electrostatic properties of the sample to be tested.

Function: Effectively detect ESD workplace equipment, work surface, tools with electrostatic charge.

Features: Battery (4 files) performance display; bar graph shows electric field polarity and strength; self-controlled range digital display; multi-function alarm prompt; automatically shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity.

electrostatic field meter.jpg

Application of electrostatic tester:

1. Ensure the safety of each employee;

2. Eliminate damage caused by static electricity.

3, anti-static wrist strap tester can easily detect the performance of various types of anti-static wristband, the resistance value is not within the standard range or the battery is too low, it will automatically alarm, red light is on and accompanied by alarm; low voltage display, owe Automatic alarm when pressing; small size, light weight, easy to use, and intuitive to detect.

FMX-003 Static field meter.jpg

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