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PU Anti-static Slippers

Feb 10, 2019

PU anti-static slippers

[Materials] PU anti-static slippers are made of artificial leather, and the sole is foamed PU, which has good anti-static effect.

[sole resistance] 105~109Ω

[Features] The anti-static slippers of the upper sole have very good toughness, very resistant to folding and wear, no swarf, no dust, no discoloration, non-slip, wear-resistant, anti-static, fashionable, complete color, light and soft. Comfortable and convenient, easy to clean, fast drying, stable ESD static discharge performance.

[Scope of application] PU anti-static slippers can be used in electrostatic sensitive areas such as electronics factories, printing plants, precision machinery workshops.

Today's anti-static work shoes are mostly PVC and PU soles. PVC soles are durable and have good electrostatic properties but are not suitable for long-term standing work. PU soles are comfortable to wear and have poor electrostatic properties for long standing work. But the anti-static work shoes at the bottom of the PU, compared with the anti-static work shoes of the PVC sole, the shoes with the same number are thinner and the length of the feet is the same, so we should recommend the anti-static shoes at the end of the PU. The customer chooses a work shoe that is one yard larger than the actual shoe size, so that there is no problem of the employee wearing a small size.