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Safety Protection Needs To Pay Attention To Anti-static Clothing

Jul 21, 2018

Safety protection needs to pay attention to anti-static clothing

In some labor jobs, the lack of labor protection products or the unqualified labor protection products may cause various types of unforeseen accidents. Therefore, anti-static clothing is a necessary equipment to protect industrial workers in the work process, which can prevent or mitigate accidents.

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In the case of various risk factors in production conditions, anti-static clothing is the last line of defense to ensure the safety and health of industrial workers, and is the most popular and important protective equipment in personal protective equipment.

The quality of anti-static overalls is also very important for industrial production. The core of anti-static overalls lies in the protective function of the fabric. It is understood that the sparks generated by static electricity and the inflammable and explosive gases, liquids, dust and other substances may cause harm, so the anti-static clothing is in chemical, medical and petroleum. It is also very important in other industries. In petrochemical enterprises, the cause of safety accidents is often inseparable from the quality of anti-static clothing worn by employees.

For many years, China has lacked attention and strong supervision over the use of safety protection products for industrial workers. The manufacturers of anti-static clothing, which are mixed with fish and dragons, have uneven quality and are difficult to distinguish. They can only rely on a pair of eye-catching eyes of procurement personnel.

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