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Selection Of Anti-static Component Box

Aug 06, 2018

Selection of anti-static component box

In a very absolute case, if your product is sensitive to static electricity, then you can't have high-static materials on your production line, especially in areas close to the product. Try to use anti-static materials as much as possible. anti-static drawer box, shelves, workbench, transportation equipment, cleaning equipment, chemical reagents, etc. Finally, even the pens and notebooks you use must use anti-static pens and notebooks, because when you use the pen, it may come into contact with the product. Of course, if your product is not sensitive to static electricity, you can handle it at your discretion, but it is best to use ESD experiments to prove if you can really feel relieved.

long esd fabric gloves.jpg

Anti-static clothing and wristband

Anti-static clothing is divided into anti-static suits, big shackles, shoes, caps, anti-static gloves, anti-static finger cots, anti-static toes and so on. It eliminates static electricity on the clothing through the corona discharge and leakage of the conductive fiber. Since the stainless steel fiber belongs to the metal fiber, the antistatic fabric has stable electrical conductivity and does not change due to the washing times of the garment.

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The anti-static wristband exists to pass the grounding road, and it can release the static charge of the human body safely, and is an important static protection product when the worker touches the electronic components.

2. Anti-static floor

Anti-static ground scales now play an indispensable role in the process of electrostatic protection. There are also many types of anti-static scales, which are time-sensitive and temporary. The materials are divided into conductive rubber, PVC, conductive ceramics, etc. The laying method is divided into direct floor laying and overhead raised floor, which can be determined according to actual needs and costs.

3. Anti-static mat

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The anti-static table mat is composed of anti-static and rubber sheet. It is generally used for anti-static work surface of the assembly line, anti-static rack, and production of floor mats and mats. The color of the surface layer of the material is divided into grass green, the conductive material is an antistatic agent; the bottom layer is black, and the conductive material is carbon black.