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SL-001 Ionizer Blower

May 22, 2018

SL-001 Ionizer blower


In May,2018,We customized SL-001 Ionizer air blower for one of our current clients,Check the picture below:

Ionizing air blower.JPG

Brief introduction: rapid elimination of static electricity; compact, easy to operate; continuous wind speed adjustment; heated air function; ion needle cleaning brush; can be suitable for three installation methods desktop, hanging and stent form;

Dr. Schneider pc SL-001 desktop ion blower eliminates static charges from a wide range of targets or areas that are not easily accessible. Its characteristics are rapid elimination of static electricity, ion wind coverage area, with ion needle cleaner, ion generation indicator, can continuously adjust the wind speed, built-in fan and high voltage power supply, ion balance voltage is 0V±10V. Installation method: desktop, hanging type. It is an ideal static eliminator for precision electronic products, electronic assembly, pharmaceutical manufacturing assembly lines, printing, packaging and fine product molding.