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Special Price--SIMCO Electrostatic Tester FMX-003

Jul 23, 2018

Special price--SIMCO electrostatic tester FMX-003

Spot sales Simei high SIMCO electrostatic tester FMX-003

SIMCOFMX-003 electrostatic field tester:

SIMCO "FMX-003" new generation electrostatic field measurement table, adding more new technical elements based on the original "FMX-002" table!

electrostatic field meter.jpg

The FMX-003 is a non-contact portable electrostatic field tester. The measurable range is +/-20KV (working distance is 1 inch, 25mm). There are 2 LED lights to ensure 25mm away from the object under test. The housing is made of anti-static material and has a grounding buckle to ensure reliable measurement results.

The tester is also equipped with an ion balance measurement board for periodic calibration of ion balance in the ±200V range.


1: Battery (4 files) performance display

2: The bar graph shows the polarity and strength of the electric field.

3: Self-controlled range digital display

4: Multi-function alarm prompt

5: Automatically shut down after 5 minutes of inactivity

6: can be equipped with ion balance measuring board

7: With LED lighting, you can also read data in the dark.

8: Err indicates when the sensor is faulty.

9: With polyethylene box, grounding buckle, battery.

static field meter.png

Instructions for use:

Single press to zero reset

Single press display lock

Idle automatic shutdown

Battery performance display

Function: Effectively detect ESD workplace equipment, work surface, tools with electrostatic charge.

Features: LCD / level display detection data, test data retention, digital clear display, high / low range.

Output: red LCD shows positive charge, blue LCD shows negative charge

Accuracy: Low range accuracy: plus or minus 0.1kv High range accuracy: plus or minus 1kv

Input voltage: 9V, 6F22 manganese battery

Electrostatic field can be measured: +/- (0.00-20.0kV) (automatic display adjustment)

Standard ranging: 25mm +/- 1mm

Ion balance can be measured: +/- (0-200V)

Measuring distance according to: ESD-STM3.1-2000 lonization standard

LCD display update: 5 times per second

Reaction time: 1 second

Working temperature and humidity: 10?40 deg C/RH: 0?60%R

Graphic display: positive: red / negative: blue

Sound alarm: power on/idle automatic shutdown / out of measurable range

Auto power off: idle for about 5 minutes

Measurement mode switching

Electrostatic field: Single press Power, there is a beep sound

Ion balance (please install ion balance measurement board first) Press Zero and Power at the same time, there are two beeps