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Splits Need To Regularly Stick With Dust Pad, Sticky Dust Drum Dust

Jan 30, 2018

The function of the shunt is to connect the main gate with the gate.In a single cavity mold, often not open the diversion. According to the molding process requirements, the plastic melt flows through the shunt, the dust pad should be used after the first dust balance, at the same time, quickly filled all the cavity, minimize flow resistance, minimize temperature loss. The apparent viscosity of the plastic melt decreases as the shear rate increases as the flow rate of the plastic melt increases. Apparent viscosity increases as the temperature decreases, and as the pressure increases, the apparent viscosity increases. In order to reduce the apparent viscosity and increase the fluidity of the plastic melt of the sticky dust pad and sticky roller, the length of the shunting run is as short as possible and the cross section should be as large as possible, ie short and thick. However, the cross-section of the runner can not be too coarse, too coarse will increase the amount of non-workpiece materials, while allowing the slow cooling runner to extend the production cycle.