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Static Electricity Causes Touch Screen Failure

May 04, 2018

When you are on the phone, the phone gently strokes the slider and the slider does not move. With great efforts, the plan was strenuously drawn and the phone still kept ringing. This is not enough. It is hot and the battery power seems to be fast. Ms. Sun, a Changchun citizen, thought that something was wrong with the phone and took the phone to overhaul it. But she was told that there was no problem.


On the past few days, Ms. Sun’s cell phone touchscreens often fail, especially when they are on the phone, and they gently slide across the sliders. The screen does not move and the force is increased. The screen remains motionless. Looking at the phone with a loud noise, you can't get it. Sometimes it's better to have a row, and sometimes it's easy to make a phone call after it's broken. If you don't work well, you don't have any rules to follow.


Yesterday morning, Ms. Sun took the mobile phone to the post-sale service for testing. The screen was very awesome. The quick strokes, slow strokes, light strokes, and heavy strokes all led to the detection. Ms. Sun guessed that it may be related to the weather. The reporter interviewed 10 touch-screen mobile phone users, 5 of whom said they had encountered such a situation, and they have been more common in recent times. In the interview, the reporter found that some high-priced touch-screen mobile phones can not escape "bad luck."


The reporter visited a number of mobile phone repair shops in Changchun City. Many mobile phone repair technicians said that the touch screen failure of the mobile phone has nothing to do with the temperature, but it is not clear why the detection was normal and the screen occasionally failed. The season master said: "Occasionally it is not normal to be normal, and there are things that are not good enough." Ms. Can not agree with this statement, "There must be a reason."


Finally, the reporter dialed the service phone of a mobile phone. An operator told the reporter that the air temperature that the phone touch screen can adapt to is between -25°C and 45°C. Although the weather in Changchun has recently become hot, it has not yet caused the touchscreen to malfunction.


The operator said that if the phone is not detected for many times, but the touch screen is sometimes malfunctioning, the biggest reason is that the hot day, the air is dry, the body's static electricity increases, causing the phone across the touch screen, touch screen failure. In such cases, you can rub your fingers to let static electricity flow away or wash your hands.


As for the phone's cold days and high heat consumption, and the battery has no abnormal problems, the operator said that because of the weather, it is not possible to charge electricity, not to consume electricity quickly.


After learning about this statement, Ms. Sun expressed her approval. “I usually have more static electricity than anyone else.” Yesterday afternoon, Ms. Sun’s mobile phone touchscreen could not be reopened again. According to the reporter’s statement, after washing her hands, she touched the screen. It really works.