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Static Elimination Device

Feb 09, 2019

Ion balance problem of static elimination device in addition to static equipment

Ion balance problem of static eliminator in addition to static equipment: In order to eliminate the negative and positive charges generated when static electricity occurs, the air from the static eliminator static elimination device contains equal amounts of positive and negative ions.

A positive or negative ion imbalance can result in a residual voltage throughout the ionization region. The setting of the static eliminator static elimination equipment should be determined according to the manufacturer's recommendations or by monitoring or testing. The manufacturer's product specifications generally provide data on the relationship between decay time and the distance and angle between the static eliminator and the area to be protected. Depending on the amount of charge and the distance of the charge from the subsource, the static eliminator can take several seconds or even minutes to remove the charge. The electrostatic ion eliminator should be activated for at least 2 to 3 minutes to neutralize the charge in this area. Some static eliminators may leave a high enough residual voltage for ESDS control, ion eliminator selection and equipment need to make residual voltage measurements in the protected area and compare it to the voltage sensitivity of the ESDS product being operated.