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Static Tester

Feb 09, 2019

The place where the static tester should pay attention when measuring

The electrostatic tester is a non-contact portable electrostatic field measuring instrument that measures the electrostatic value of the surface of the object and measures the ion balance of the static elimination device. The outer casing is made of anti-static material and has a grounding buckle to ensure the measurement results are correct and reliable. The numbers and graphics are displayed clearly and clearly. The electrostatic tester can display the light in the dark environment. There is an ion balance measuring board to measure the residual voltage of the static elimination device, and the measuring range is +/-200V.

Precautions when measuring static tester:

(1) Measurement instruments that are easy to use and highly reliable should be selected. Explosion-proof type should be used for measuring instruments in explosion hazardous areas.

(2) Read the instrument instructions carefully before measuring to understand its measurement principle and scope of use.

(3) Before the lake is withered, adjust the sensitivity and select the range.

(4) Measurement analysis The risk of detonation caused by measurement. The measurement shall be carried out after the risk of ignition is excluded; and emergency measures in the event of an accident shall be considered in advance.

(5) To prevent discharge during measurement, the probe of the measuring instrument should be brought close to the charged body. This should be the case even for explosion-proof instruments.

(6) The same item should be measured several times, and in the case of good reproducibility, take the average and maximum values.