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Sticky Roller Working Principle

Jul 30, 2018

Sticky roller working principle

The working principle of the sticky roller is similar to that of the sticky mat, which is to stick the dust around the drum by the adhesiveness of the adhesive.

cleanroom sticky roller.jpg

Features: designed into a roller shape, the base material is polyethylene film, the pre-cut line is set on the sticky film, the edge of the roller is peeled off and it is easy to peel; the colloid is a polyacrylate adhesive, which ensures no degumming, and is convenient to use with the handle; The core of the circle is clean and non-polluting, and the drum is not deformed. The design of the product is advanced and reasonable, which can remove dust well and avoid the secondary pollution caused by the traditional utensils such as rag, washing and broom, etc. When purchasing, please look for the roller that will not be degummed.



Easy to use, it can quickly and effectively remove dirt from floors, roofs, walls, table tops and other surfaces. It is similar to the roller that paints the wall and consists of the handle of the drum. However, the roller referred to here is made of a viscous substance, and the soiled layer can be detached as easily as a dust. When in use, just roll the surface to be cleaned like a painted wall. If the drum becomes dirty, the soiled layer cannot be torn off along the crease when the dirt is adsorbed.