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The Conductive Polypyrrole Coating In The Dust-free Cloth, Dust-free Paper Fiber Surface

Jan 30, 2018

With the rapid development of functional polymer materials, not only new types of clean cloth fibers and antistatic fibers continue to emerge, but also their applications are continuously broadened. In addition to the general electromagnetic shielding, dust-free, aseptic clothing used in precision instruments, machinery parts, electronics, film, food, medicine, cosmetics, hospitals, computer rooms, play a dust, bacteria, anti-equipment damage, Calculated failure, anti-noise. There are explosion-proof overalls, anti-static filter bag and so on, developed in recent years, smart conductive textiles, so that the use of clean cloth fiber has been greatly expanded.

Since the 1970s, the rapid development of conductive polymer has laid the foundation for the advancement of sensor technology. At present, structural conductive polymers are used alone or in conjunction with optical fiber sensors for the detection of temperature, pressure, electromagnetic radiation, chemical species and concentration. In recent years, the conductive polyaniline clean cloth fiber developed by the University of Durham in the UK has the characteristics of a semiconductor with a conductivity of up to 1900 S / cm, which can be used as a sensor. Polypyrrole-coated clean paper fiber technology researched and developed by American Milliken company fabricates the fabric sensor on the surface of the clean cloth fiber by the method of vapor deposition or solution polymerization. De Ros-si of the University of Hsa in Italy converts polypyrrole to smart gloves on the lycra surface, turning CuS or C: S when the fingers are bent or stretched. This explanation and our test results are more consistent.