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The Danger And Prevention Of Electrostatic Discharge

Aug 07, 2018

The danger and prevention of electrostatic discharge

Component breakdown damage caused by electrostatic discharge is the most common and serious electrostatic hazard in the electronics industry. It is divided into hard breakdown and soft breakdown. Hard breakdown is a one-time breakdown of the component dielectric, burnt or permanent failure; soft breakdown is caused by device performance degradation or parameter indicators.

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Antistatic loading boxes, component boxes, turnover boxes, turnover trays, etc. must be used for the transfer and storage of electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit boards between processes. To prevent the accumulation of static electricity and cause harm. Electrostatic sensitive components and printed circuit boards must be used as anti-static shielding bags, packaging bags, packaging boxes, strips, baskets, etc. to avoid static damage during transportation.

In the production process of electronic products, the finished components and components are often in contact with and separated from equipment tools, and static electricity is generated. Antistatic seat cushions, turnover trolleys, maintenance kits, tools, work chairs (stools), etc. must be used. Static electricity is quickly vented by proper grounding.

In order to understand the electrostatic charging situation in the production process, to determine the degree of static electricity in the production process and to verify the electrostatic protection products and equipment quality, it is necessary to measure static electricity and related parameters. The measurement of static electricity is mainly the measurement of electrostatic voltage, material resistance, grounding resistance, electrostatic shutdown period, electrostatic quantity, static elimination performance, and charge surface density of cloth.

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Electrostatic protection work is a systematic project. Any omission or mistake in any link will lead to the failure of static electricity protection work. It must be guarded from time to time and everyone should be prevented.