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The Function Of Anti-static Clothing

Jul 16, 2018

The function of anti-static clothing?

In the daily working environment, a quality anti-static clothing plays a very important role. The quality-protected anti-static clothing has the following elements: clean function, static function, endurance function and comfort function. But to compare these several considerations.

1.Clean function

Excellent anti-static clothing must have the two basic conditions of dust-free and dust-removing. For dust-free, it is necessary to use filament fiber fabric, because the clothes made of this material are not dusty. Standard anti-static garments have strict requirements for the production of crimping and tri-folding. The smaller the warp and weft density of the antistatic garment, the better the dust filter and dustproof performance. It is important that the cleaning does not degrade the performance.

Anti static jumpsuit.png

2. Electrostatic function

Anti-static overalls must have anti-static fibers. The production process is such that the fabric is first subjected to antistatic treatment, and then the fiber is subjected to an antistatic treatment. In the process, only the graft modification and hydrophilicity of the fiber are improved to prevent leakage of static electricity. Sometimes, an appropriate amount of antistatic resistors are added depending on the environment, and conductive excipients are also important for antistatic clothing. Quality can be confirmed by looking at the detection of antistatic fibers.

3. Durable function

The anti-static suit with strong durability can be used for a long time, so the quality must pass. On the contrary, the quality is poor and the durability function will be poor.

4. Comfort function

The anti-static clothing must be cut to the standard, otherwise the uncomfortable clothes will be worn comfortably, and the anti-static function will be worse. Therefore, everyone must pay more attention to the cutting standards, from the production method to the electrostatic clothing density. Strict standards are required.

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