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The Importance Of Correctly Wearing Anti-static Four-hole Shoes

Jun 13, 2018

The importance of correctly wearing anti-static four-hole shoes

At present, many large companies or companies producing electronic equipment require their own production plants to have strict standards. In order to reduce the harm caused by static electricity to the human body, basically all employees are required to wear anti-static shoes.

In the electronics industry, antistatic products need to be used. Anti-static and dust-free shoes should also be properly worn. They should be used together with anti-static clothing. They should be used at the same time to ensure the cleanliness of products. They should be used and preserved. Pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof, so that the anti-static function of the entire shoe can be exerted. Therefore, only the correct use of anti-static dust-free shoes, and no longer afraid of electrostatic damage components.

So how to properly wear anti-static four-hole shoes? In fact, there is still a lot of stress, the following anti-static clothing manufacturer SAFETY WORKING TECH to explain to you:

Because the anti-static four-hole shoes are suitable for preventing burning accidents caused by static electricity in the human body, it includes many dangerous places such as oil fields, coal mines, rubber products, medical equipment processing, electronic processing, air purification, and printing industries.

Anti-static esd shoes.jpg

So choose to wear anti-static four-hole shoes, the following are some of the correct wearing matters:

1. Thick socks must not be worn, wool socks must not be worn, and insoles must not be allowed on their shoes.

2. It is forbidden to use anti-static four-hole shoes as insulating shoes. It is very different from insulating shoes, and the character and all aspects of insulating shoes are not as effective as anti-static and dust-free shoes.

3. When wearing anti-static shoes, regular maintenance must be done, so the maintenance of anti-static dust-free shoes will affect their life.