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The Main Reason Affecting The Performance Of Anti-static Clothing

Aug 08, 2018

The main reason affecting the performance of anti-static clothing

To judge the quality of an anti-static suit, its anti-static performance is a key point. So what determines the antistatic performance of antistatic clothing?

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That's right, it's a static wire. The so-called electrostatic wire, that is, conductive fiber. If there is no static wire, the antistatic performance of the antistatic clothing will not exist.

The effect of the electrostatic wire on the antistatic performance is mainly divided into two points.

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First, the authenticity of the electrostatic wire.

The fabric of the anti-static overalls is made by evenly interlacing the electrostatic filaments with the polyester, so that the anti-static clothing has anti-static properties. However, some bad businesses do not use real electrostatic filaments, and the fabric itself is not anti-static. Their anti-static clothing can finally be tested by the instrument, just because the anti-static clothing is coated with an anti-static solvent to temporarily protect it. This anti-static performance will dissipate as long as it is washed once. This is why some anti-static suits are particularly cheap to sell.

Second, the density of the electrostatic wire.

The density of the electrostatic wire affects the antistatic performance of the antistatic clothing. It is not difficult to understand that the stronger density will make the antistatic performance stronger. The high-end antistatic clothing is more expensive.