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Ultra-fine Dust-free Cloth Function

Feb 12, 2019

Ultra-fine dust-free cloth function

Nowadays, optical electronic products are becoming more and more precise, and their quality requirements are getting higher and higher. The most surface quality problem is the pollution-free and cleanliness of the products. All of them need to be assembled in the dust chamber. The clean room is used for Control the cleanliness day and temperature and humidity of the atmosphere in contact with the product, and use the ultra-fine dust-free cloth, anti-static products, etc. to make the product can be produced and manufactured in a good environment space. Therefore, in order to control the quality of the product, it must be Clean rooms are effectively cleaned and managed. In order to ensure that the airflow is almost undisturbed, structural design must be carried out with the necessary care to prevent dust accumulation anywhere in the room.

Indoor air purification systems can be divided into horizontal laminar flow, vertical laminar flow and turbulent flow. The choice of airflow form refers to the convention, and the second depends on the working parameters of the room. In order to ensure the cleanliness of the room, it is necessary to prevent the outside polluted air from entering the room. To achieve this, the room must maintain a positive pressure. In order to obtain the required room pressure, it is necessary to replenish the appropriate fresh air.

When walking in a clean room, it is forbidden to walk side by side, and it is necessary to walk quietly in order to reduce the amount of dust.

High-precision electronic products are not only required for clean rooms, but also for related auxiliary equipment. They are ultra-fine dust-free cloths, which are mainly used for wiping conductor production line chips and microprocessor assembly production lines;

LCD liquid crystal display products and circuit board production lines;

Precision instruments, optical products, aviation industry, etc.;

Microfiber rag size: 9′′×9′′ (23cm×23cm); 6′′×6′′?? 4′′×4′′

Product specifications, 100% continuous polyester fiber double woven fabric surface soft, can be used to wipe sensitive surfaces, low dust production and friction without fiber, good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Especially suitable for dust-free purification workshop

When using and unpacking, it is necessary to wear dust-free gloves and a mask to wrap the dust-free cloth inside. Do not use the edge of the ultra-fine dust-free cloth to touch the surface of the wipe. The dust-free cloth can be wiped with solvent or directly. Use Shenzhen dust-free cloth to keep it flat, not to be smashed. When moving and wiping, try to make the fiber of the cloth completely contact with the wiping surface. Make sure to wipe in the same direction. High-end dust-free cloth must be used to disassemble the inner bag in a clean environment and clean the bag before unpacking (especially at the opening)