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Various Styles Of Anti-static Shoes

Aug 08, 2018

Various styles of anti-static shoes

As an important static protection product, anti-static shoes have always been valued by electronics, medical, biotechnology and other industries.

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According to the style, anti-static shoes can be divided into anti-static high boots, anti-static canvas shoes, anti-static four-hole shoes, etc. Although these anti-static shoes have good anti-static properties, but there are still some differences. Generally, there are many anti-static four-hole shoes. These shoes are comfortable and breathable. They can be worn in spring, summer and autumn. However, the fly in the ointment is that this kind of anti-static shoes can't be completely dust-proof, so it can't be in the environment with high cleaning requirements. The conventional anti-static canvas shoes are solid, although the breathability is worse than the four-hole shoes, but it is much warmer than the four-hole shoes, and can be worn in winter. Anti-static high boots are based on low-top shoes and a straight tube made of anti-static cloth. They are generally used together with anti-static jumpsuits. They are generally used in clean rooms with high dust-free grades.

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Therefore, anti-static shoes and anti-static clothing, according to their own industry, dust-free requirements, there should be corresponding adjustments in style selection. Before buying dust-free anti-static clothing, dust-free anti-static shoes, you should carefully understand, you can ask Suzhou Yihetong, clearly explain your industry and working environment, what other requirements or taboos, we will recommend you the most Suitable dust-free anti-static clothing and dust-free anti-static shoes.