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Vetus SS-SA Esd Tweezers

May 15, 2018

Vetus SS-SA esd tweezers

Application: VETUS tweezers used in industrial electronics, scientific laboratories, medical medicine, communications equipment, watches, jewelry, chemicals, computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, glasses, LCD TVs, high-tech, LCD car navigation systems, car audio , automobile side mirrors, automotive parts, car taillights, optical pickups, air conditioners, heaters, counters, residential lighting, lighting equipment, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, gas appliances, microwave ovens, car lights, TV game consoles, printers, Photocopiers, air compressors, power tools, etc.
Treasurer Tips: The current market more and more fakes, imitation is also more realistic, I believe that as long as the parents can be careful to be able to tell, the following three points can let parents instantly distinguish between true and false. First of all, there are anti-counterfeiting labels on the genuine rubbish outer wrapping paper, which can be checked in the quality anti-counterfeiting query system. There is no fake product. The most obvious is the head of the paper. The genuine product is a large gilded gilt and the imitation goods are not. The last point is that the genuine wrapping paper is bright green, and the imitation goods are dark green.