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We Should Use Vacuum Packaging After Cleaning The Anti-static Clothing

Jul 31, 2018

We should use vacuum packaging after cleaning the anti-static clothing

As a special work clothes, anti-static clothes are generally used in clean rooms. It not only has anti-static performance requirements, but also has high requirements for dust-free cleaning, which means that anti-static clothing needs regular cleaning.

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Cleaning of anti-static overalls is not a simple matter. It has high requirements for cleaning environment, water and solvent. If anti-static clothing is used as ordinary clothes for cleaning, it will only make anti-static clothing more dirty.

After cleaning the anti-static clothing, it must be packaged in vacuum packaging, and the package environment must be in a clean room. Why is this? Because the dust is also pumped out in the vacuum-packed bag, the anti-static clothing can be fully cleaned. In addition, the bag used to package the anti-static clothing is generally made of nylon material. If there is air inside, the clothing will generate static electricity when rubbed in the nylon bag. At this time, putting the anti-static clothing into the clean room is equivalent to putting Static electricity and dust are brought together, which poses a great threat to the product.

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