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What Are The Consequences Of Buying Inferior Antistatic Shoes

Jul 21, 2018

What are the consequences of buying inferior antistatic shoes?

In the production workshops of computers, microelectronics, semiconductors, etc., employees need to be “armed”, not only to wear anti-static clothing, but also to wear anti-static shoes, anti-static hats, anti-static gloves to ensure the cleanliness of the production workshop. It also ensures that the product will not be affected by static electricity, resulting in product damage.

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However, some people say that wearing anti-static shoes does not play an anti-static role. Why? It may be that the quality of the anti-static shoes has not passed. In the market, there are many types of anti-static shoes. PU, SPU, PVC, etc. are classified according to the material of the sole, and leather, canvas, etc. are classified according to the material of the upper.

In fact, the quality of anti-static shoes is mainly to look at the material of the sole. So what is the difference between the sole material?

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PVC material is a kind of plastic, and its antistatic performance is relatively stable among the three materials, and the effect is relatively good. However, the anti-static work shoes of this material are thin and hard, and are not suitable for employees who need to stand for a long time.

PU material belongs to leather, its anti-static performance is relatively unstable, and the price is relatively expensive. But expensive also has the reason, PU material anti-static shoes are flexible, good foot feel, soft and comfortable, wearing this anti-static shoes, employees can adapt to long standing work.

SPU material belongs to a new type of material combining PU and PVC. Its performance is middle. With the improvement of technology, its softness can also be compared with anti-static shoes made of PU material.

These three kinds of anti-static shoes can be adapted to their own industry and job requirements. However, some companies have not realized the importance of anti-static shoes, they are cheap, and they have purchased poor quality anti-static shoes, which has caused huge losses to the enterprise.

Anti-static clothing, anti-static shoes manufacturers here to remind you, whether it is anti-static shoes or anti-static clothing is also good, must find a regular manufacturer to buy, inferior anti-static products will bring immeasurable to the enterprise loss.