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What Is The Standard For Wearing Cleanroom Clothing

Jul 10, 2018

What is the standard for wearing cleanroom clothing?

long esd fabric gloves.png

1.Wear the esd clothing

Cover the nose, mouth and chin with the mask, the nose clip is placed close to the face, then pull the lower part to the head and neck by hand, then place it under the ears behind the neck and pull the upper tie to the middle of the head.

ESD fabric gloves.jpgAnti static jumpsuit.jpg

2. Shape the nose clip

Place the tip of the two fingers on the metal nose clip, start from the middle position, press the nose clips inward with both hands, and move and press them to the sides, respectively, to shape the nose clip according to the shape of the bridge of the nose (you should use both hands).

3. Adhesion check

Use your hands to completely cover the antistatic mask and exhale quickly. If the air overflows from the edge of the mask, the mask position, headband, and nose clips can be adjusted again even if they are not worn properly.

4. Wear a cleanroom clothes

First pull the zipper into position, then pull the opening of the cleansing waist zipper, first wear the lower limbs, then the upper limbs, then pull the zipper to the chest, put on the jumper cap, then pull the zipper to the top and stick it Neckline stickers.

5. Wear anti-static glasses

Check the elasticity of the headband. After feeling comfortable after wearing it, attach the headband to the joint cap and try to make the lower edge of the eyeglass close to the mask.

6. Put on a short shoe cover.

7. Put on the outer rubber shoes and the long shoe cover. Note that the dust-free pants are inserted into the rubber shoes or the outer shoe cover.

8. Put on the outer latex gloves and then tie the clean clothing cuffs into the gloves.

9. Check the anti-static equipment at the end and check with your teammates to make sure there are no omissions or damage.

esd finger cots.jpg