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What's Ionizing Air Blower

May 25, 2018

What's Ionizing air blower?

Ionizing air blower.JPG

Above is customized SL-001 Ionizing air blower.

General ion fan can be divided into desktop ion fan, horizontal ion fan, suspended ion fan, micro ion fan, each ion fan operation is different, but the same principle, our long-term supply of professional brand ion fan, and provide on-site installation and Technical guidance, and post-test tracking.

An ion blower is an electrostatic discharger that transports ionized air to a remote location to eliminate static electricity. The role is to eliminate static electricity, has a superior electrostatic properties, to prevent electrostatic pollution and damage.
The ion blower static eliminator is an electrostatic discharger that transports ionized air to a remote place to eliminate static electricity. It is mainly composed of corona discharger, high voltage power supply and air supply system. It is designed and manufactured according to the principles of tip discharge and positive and negative “neutralization” principle. It eliminates static electricity on insulating materials and objects. Ion blower static electricity blower size can be adjusted, making the electricity consumption more space.

The working principle of the ion fan is to raise the positive and negative ions through the built-in high voltage generator to the high pressure corona air, and then cover the surface of the object with the wind current, thereby neutralizing the positive and negative electrostatic charges carried by it, which is used in the factory. Industrial equipment, the main role is to eliminate static electricity, followed by dust and sterilization can also be achieved.

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