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White Esd Shoes

May 18, 2018

White esd shoes


Toughness and comfortable.
Surface resistance: 10e6 to 10e9 OHM, can effectively discharge static electricity
Suitable for electronics, semiconductors and dustless workshops

Anti-static esd shoes.jpg


ESD safety shoes and conductive shoes are common in our lives and can eliminate the static electricity of the human body, but they have different functions at work, and they also need to be used differently when they are worn. These two types of shoes What are the differences? What are the unique properties when used?

First, anti-static safety shoes in the process of wearing, it is necessary to wear together with anti-static overalls, so as to more effectively ensure the effect of preventing static electricity, but the conductive shoes can be used alone in the wear, do not need to match Any clothing can be functionally played, and it can also guarantee the actual use effect, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of static electricity.

Second, anti-static safety shoes can prevent electric shocks below 250 volts, but for conductive shoes, it can not be used in any place where there may be a risk of electric shock, it is very easy to cause drainage, a great safety threat to the staff.

Third, conductive shoes and anti-static safety shoes in the process of wearing can not be matched with any insulation pad.

Fourth, the environmental requirements of the two are not the same for the ground, anti-static safety shoes are to be used on the ground on the anti-static, conductive shoes are required to use on the conductive ground, which is the obvious difference between the two, wearing During the process, it is important to pay attention to these differences in order to guarantee the functionality of these two shoes.

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