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Why Did The Dust-free Sleeve Boots Turn Yellow?

May 03, 2018

Why do the soles turn yellow and the color of the soles of shoes is different?

One of them is to talk about the material of the sole. The sole of dust-free sleeve boots is made of PU material. The disadvantage of PU is that it is easily oxidized. As time passes, the shoes will become more and more yellow, but the color is Change does not affect its anti-static properties, and can not be ignored because of its shortcomings advantages (low density, soft texture, good elasticity, comfortable and lightweight, etc.)

The second reason for the difference in the color of the soles of the pair of dust-free sleeve boots is that the degree of oxidation is the same for each person's wearing situation. A shoe size is not just a pair, and there is no number on the shoes. This caused the operator to reconfigure the shoe number in the normal way after the end of the wash. The match here is just to match the same two shoe numbers into one pair, and it cannot be matched with the same two shoes. .