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Why Do Antistatic Materials Require Plastic Instead Of Metal?

Jul 17, 2018

Why do antistatic materials require plastic instead of metal?

Metal can conduct static electricity, but to use as ESD protection material has the following problems:

1. Personnel accidents may occur when the operator accidentally touches the high voltage or hard ground due to electric leakage;

Second, if there is a static electricity product close to it, because the metal is a good conductor, electrostatic discharge is easy to occur at this time, its energy release is very fast, and the discharge spark and electromagnetic noise will cause great damage to the components; When the metal table is operated, the connecting wires of the device or the printed board may cause short circuit due to contact with the metal conductive surface, causing damage. Therefore, the static electricity protection material generally uses a static dissipative material with a surface resistivity of 10 ≤ <10 Ω/sq or a volume resistivity of 10 Ω·cm ≤ <10 Ω.cm, and the static electricity and static electricity accumulated on it are between static electricity. Between the conductor and the electrostatic insulator.

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