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Why Do Companies Now Require Anti-static Clothing

Jul 13, 2018

Why do companies now require anti-static clothing?

Recently, a friend said that the company she applied for, she asked her to wear anti-static clothes when she got to work, and she felt uncomfortable to wear. In fact, do you know? The reason why production-oriented processing enterprises require dust-free clothes is to solve the problem of static electricity and dust-free in production. Another reason is that dust-free clothes can reduce the dust and pollution generated by human body to a certain extent.

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In fact, due to the current clean room, the environmental requirements of the production lead to the cleanroom with constant temperature and constant humidity, and the air flow is not strong, so the fabric of the ESD clothes should be breathable and moisture permeable. In the case of dust filter and dust emission indicators. Everyone pays attention to the protection of the anti-static performance and cleanliness of the ESD clothes on the one hand, and the removal of sweat and odor on the one hand. The ESD clothes should be cleaned regularly.

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In fact, the ESD clothes don't hurt the human body at all. Some people may feel uncomfortable wearing ESD clothes. It should be that the individual can't adapt to the fabric very well. If you wear it for a long time, you won't feel uncomfortable. The purpose of wearing a ES clothes is to isolate the dust pollution from the human body. Of course, whether it is comfort or breathability, it is not urgent. A good ESD clothing not only has dust-proof performance, but also achieves the comfort of the garment.

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