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Why Do Esd Shoes Need To Be Cleaned Frequently

Jul 11, 2018

Why do esd shoes need to be cleaned frequently?

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Many esd workshops now require esd shoes, but many of them don't understand why esd shoes need to be cleaned frequently. Today, anti-static esd shoes manufacturers share with you why you need to clean esd shoes. !

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1. First of all, anti-static esd shoes are often used in companies with high cleanliness requirements such as pharmaceuticals, R&D, semiconductors, and bioengineering. Because the production of these companies requires a relatively low dust content in the environment, but the esd shoes are easy to sweat on the feet, and the sweat stains easily stain the esd shoes, so frequent cleaning is necessary and strict. The factory attaches great importance to hygiene.

2. In addition, the material of the esd shoes is made of a special process, which is an important factor in how to maintain performance, so the cleaning method is used. If the ordinary cleaning method is adopted, of course, the opposite will be blurred. So you should use a special method. Therefore, the manufacturers of esd shoes suggest that when cleaning esd shoes, they should also be cleaned and packaged in the clean room to ensure that the esd shoes have the actual dust-free and anti-static, and now even the anti-static shoes of the electronics factory have the same Strict requirements.