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Why Is Electrostatic Protection So Important

Jul 12, 2018

Why is electrostatic protection so important?

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In today's society where technology is so developed, electronic products have become the protagonists, and almost everyone can't do without them. At the same time that electronic products are produced in electronics factories, the harm of static electricity is also generated accordingly. Therefore, We need to use ESD products to protect our goods and ourself!

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What is the danger of static electricity? Electrostatic discharge occurs very quickly with high intensity, and usually generates a large amount of heat to melt the internal circuit of the semiconductor chip. Under the electron microscope, the external image is blown out of the small bullet hole, causing timely and irreversible damage. However, only one in ten of these hazards occurred in the final test. More seriously, in the other 90% of cases, static damage only causes partial degradation, which means that the damaged component can pass the test without any notice, and only the premature field failure occurs after the finished product is shipped to the customer. The result is the most detrimental to the place, the most costly for a manufacturer to correct any manufacturing defects, and the economic losses will be quite large.

The danger of static electricity is so great, so static protection is very important for every company, and it must be done.