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Why Is The Anti-static Clothing Fabric Selected From Polyester

Jul 12, 2018

Why is the anti-static clothing fabric selected from polyester?

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For the current food industry, microelectronics industry, coal mining industry, printing industry, etc., anti-static clothing is widely used in it, and it plays an anti-static role.

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As everyone knows as the core of anti-static clothing: anti-static clean fabric, its choice affects the anti-static effect of anti-static clothing. Polyester fabric is one of the anti-static ultra-clean fabrics. It is made of polyester filaments and then weaved with conductive fibers in the warp and weft direction. It is made of special processing techniques. The reason why Suzhou anti-static clothing manufacturer Yihetong Xiaobian recommended that you choose polyester anti-static fabric is not only good anti-static function, but also obviously prevent fabric fibers or fine dust from falling out of the fabric gap, and it has High temperature resistance, washing resistance, etc.: Anti-static clothing is used in clean rooms of grades 10 to 100. It is widely used in industries such as microelectronics, optoelectronics, and fine instruments that have high requirements for static electricity and cleanliness.

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Since the fiber of the polyester itself is very long, it is not easy to produce dander, and the fabric has a high density and has a good dustproof effect. It has the effect of releasing static electricity in which the inside of the fabric is embedded with conductive wires (carbon fiber filaments) of equal distance, from 0.5 CM to 0.25 CM.

In the process of making anti-static overalls with anti-static fabric made of polyester material, the overlock technology is also used, which effectively reduces the generation of dust, and the dust-free gluing also eliminates the pollution of the environment due to hair loss.