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Wrist Strap Tester

May 30, 2018

Wrist strap tester

The wrist strap tester can test the wearing of each wrist strap. With a small size, light weight, and easy to use. If the resistance value is not within the standard range or the battery is too low, an alarm will be given automatically and the red light will be on with the alarm.

Test whether the wrist strap conducts electricity well. The anti-static wrist strap tester can easily detect the performance of various types of anti-static wrist straps.


Low voltage display, automatic alarm when undervoltage.

HAKKO-498 wrist strap tester

1. The tester is a dedicated wrist band, hamstring band tester, which is mainly used to test the wrist band and hamstring band.

2. Stable performance, wide operating temperature, suitable for a variety of working environments, reasonable circuit layout, stable circuit, small interference from external environment, easy adjustment, and this product.

3. The tester's external port accepts the wristband incense burner plug, the wrist ring is in close contact with the metal snap button, press the snap button. When the external loop circuit rises above 10MQ or less than 800KQ due to various factors, the tester monitoring circuit will automatically sound Light alarm to remind the user (wrist band is damaged).

4. The tester has sensitivity, independent adjustment of the port, the factory has been adjusted, do not change its scope of application, such as self-adjustment does not bear the loss caused by the problem, special requirements, please contact the supplier.

5. Tester external DC 9V battery. The tester allowed range 800K≤R≤10MK5% with special specifications will be notified separately.

6. The tester is widely used and can be connected to all ESD-compliant wired wrist straps with a banana jack.

Operating voltage: 9V

Low impedance warning: < 800K ohms

High resistance warning: > 10M ohms

Operating temperature : 0 - 40 degrees Celsius