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Yellow Esd Ground Cord

May 08, 2018

Yellow esd ground cord---Our Newest esd product

ESD ground plug.jpgesd grounding cord.jpg


The L Bracket is designed to fit under the workbench , rack or other places.

within reach of the Operators Wrist Strap Cord.

The Bracket is 70 x 38 x 24 , made from Yellow ABS


Idea for tying together several elements of an EPA such as bench surface, floor mat, ESD tiles or wrist strap. 

In this manner,all are kept at the same electrical potential.The ESD connection system used within EPA should be

 incompatible with other connecting systems used in or near the EPA. EN61340 requires that ESD protected area 

ESD control items should be connected to a Earth Bonding Point.The EBP should be connected to protective earth or functional ground.